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Overcoming the Data Analysis Bottleneck in High-throughput Chemistry

Published online at Technology Networks Blog, July 2019.

Technology Networks' Science Writer Ruairi J MacKenzie spoke with ACD/Labs' Andrew Anderson, Vice President of Innovation and Informatics Strategy, about how the field of biochemical research is being changed by automation and how our new product, Katalyst D2D, hopes to speed up pharmaceutical development.

An excerpt from the article is included below:

Why have you developed Katalyst D2D? How will it help analytical researchers?

Katalyst D2D not only provides design and planning of high throughput and automated experiments; it also facilitates execution by integrating to high-throughput systems (dispensing equipment, analysis equipment, etc.).

Katalyst is unique in its ability to bring analytical results back into the system from analytical instruments and automatically connect the data to each individual experiment in a HT/parallel array. This not only removes the bottleneck of data analysis but also facilitates effective decision-making based on that data—eliminating tedious manual connection and review of analytical results and helping decisions to be made faster, with greater confidence. Most importantly, Katalyst D2D enables this all in a single software interface.