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The Diverse Applications of Mass Spectrometry

Helping Analytical Chemistry Embrace Big Data

Published by Technology Networks, 2018.

Technology Networks published its Mass Spectrometry e-book, The Diverse Applications of Mass Spectrometry, which includes reporter Ruairi Mackenzie's piece from his briefing with ACD/Labs' Graham McGibbon and Andrew Anderson. The full e-book is available for download, with ACD/Labs' feature on data integrity, Helping Analytical Chemistry Embrace Big Data on pages 23–24.

Article Excerpt

Many recent advances in research have aimed to maximize the amount of data we can produce. With the cost of data handling storage plummeting, why wouldn't you? But as anyone who has spent hours pipetting with an uncalibrated pipette or watched all 29 series of the Simpsons will tell you, quality is more important than quantity. This realization has hit home in many companies that are now buried under a pile of poorly-stored data that can't be synchronized to other data silos and is occupying many terabytes of storage. In analytical chemistry, that data has more complexity and value than everyday spreadsheets, and tools matching that complexity will be needed to get data back into shape.

"If you don't have correct data then it's pretty much unusable by anybody downstream, including yourself, for anything that you originally intended it for," says Andrew Anderson, Vice President of Innovation and Informatics Strategy at Toronto-based analytical software supplier ACD/Labs. Anderson suggests that this need for correctness is now being recognized at the beginning of the data life cycle – and the end: "Organizations like the Food and Drug Administration require pharmaceutical companies and drug manufacturers to have safe, efficacious and quality drugs and the data that they supply for characterizing those drugs has to meet guidelines according to data integrity. There's both the pragmatic impetus right from the get-go and at the end. What is the expectation if you're going to bring a product to market that is supposed to benefit people? If it's not what it's supposed to be, there could be really serious consequences."

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