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Over 40 years of method-development experience in separation science

Published online at Wiley Analytical Science.

by Christina Poggel

In this podcast interview, James Hogbin (Application Scientist, ACD/Labs) talks about the most important advancements in separation science, his tips and tricks for method development, and the distinction between separations and analytical methods.

In the podcast, James will share his thoughts on the following questions:

Listen online at Wiley Analytical Science

James has presented a series of method development webinars in recent months. See more details below.

Part I
How a Method is More than a Separation

In this webinar, James Hogbin draws upon 41 years of method-development experience to explain the distinction between separations and analytical methods, and how to plan for the latter.

Part II
Facing Your Chromatography Challenges

In this webinar, James explains his approach to solving difficult problems in chromatography using a logical problem-solving approach that can help you tackle challenges confidently.

Part III
Method Optimization Principles You Should Know

In this webinar, we cover the principles you need to know for method optimization, and the software tools that help you apply them.

Part IV
Manage Your Method Development from Start to Finish

October 20, 2020
The 4th webinar in our LC method development series, this session will show you how to manage your entire project in one place.