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Digital Assembly and Management of Live Analytical and Chemical Data

Digital Assembly and Management of Live Analytical and Chemical Data

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Expertise in Vendor Agnostic Analytical Data Management

ACD/Labs has been helping scientists to get answers from analytical data; record interpretations and results digitally; and effectively manage it all for more than two decades.

This expertise and experience is the foundation of the ACD/Spectrus Platform. The portfolio of software applications on the Spectrus Platform offer:

  • A single environment to handle all analytical techniques (including LC/UV/MS, GC/MS, Chromatography, NMR, Raman, IR, TGA, DSC), and most major instrument vendor formats.
  • Automated data collection from instruments and automation of routine workflows, from processing to reporting, with options for manual review
  • The ability to search and share live, assembled, connected data in a chemically intelligent environment for collaboration and effective decision-making

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Standardization of Analytical Data—What You Need To Know

Over the last few years R&D organizations have begun to focus on managing their data more effectively. The heterogeneity of analytical data means that the first consideration is often standardization. While this may be achieved a number of ways, standardizing to a uniform analytical data format should be weighed against the requirements of different users of that data, and hardware innovations. Download this white paper to read about:

  • Factors that impact analytical data standardization
  • Considerations and requirements that data standardization should include
Whitepaper: Looking Beyond Analytical Data Standardization - the Fourth Paradigm