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What's New with ACD/Labs NMR Software

March 3, 2016

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Discussing our new mixture analysis capabilities and much more

Webinar Summary

Catch up on all the recent developments in our NMR software from NMR Product Manager Patrick Wheeler. We'll touch on topics such as Reaction Monitoring, Non-Uniform Sampling, DOSY sampling and display, and our structure verification and elucidation tools. We'll also discuss our databasing capabilities and how our software fits into the cheminformatics landscape, helping organizations leverage "live" data management to improve their research and productivity.

New Capabilities for Rapid and Effective Mixture Analysis

The practice of mixture analysis by NMR has been growing rapidly in recent years. The forthcoming tools of ACD/Labs NMR Workbook Suite simplify and accelerate this process. Technical Specialist Brent Pautler will focus on methods that have been developed within the software to efficiently analyze mixtures using both databases and manual processes for quantitative results.

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