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How to Conquer Your MetID Data

December 7, 2016

Do you want to identify more metabolites and spend less time doing it?

What if you could save time with your data mining and collating spectra?

Would it be helpful if you could search through old studies?

With MetaSense you will:

  • Struggle no more with data compilation—complete biotransformation maps, stability and kinetic plots are autogenerated as you process and analyze your data
  • Get a head-start on metabolite identification—easy search and review of previous study data, associated spectral and chromatographic data, and interactive assembled data
  • Database with no extra effort—seamless transfer of all results to the knowledge management system
  • Share your results not just reports—an optional web portal offers customizable access to your study results to your internal customers

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Learning Objectives

An introduction to a new software solution designed to support metabolite identification by LC/MS.


Director, manager or senior scientist responsible for:

  • Drug metabolism and pharmokinetics
  • Metabolite identification
  • Mass spectrometry/analytical labs