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Webinar Series: Smarter Method Development

Webinar III: A 5 Step Strategy to Improve Complex Method Development with Software & Automation

March 8, 2017

The number of variables that you can investigate to achieve the optimal method for complex samples can be overwhelming.

Join this final webinar in our series (Smarter Method Development) to hear how software can provide a systematic and exhaustive approach towards method development with as much or as little expert intervention as desired. We will introduce you to tools and strategies that will help you achieve robust methods following quality by design (QbD) principles.

This is Webinar 3 of 3 in our Smarter Method Development Webinar Series. Read more about all webinars here.

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Learning Objectives

How to improve method optimization efficiency with modelling software:

  • Develop a systematic strategy for complex method development
  • Save time with automated peak tracking
  • Quickly investigate factors that affect robustness
  • Mitigate risk with instrument control

Intended Audience

Chromatographers that undertake:

  • Complex separations
  • Stability indicating method development
  • Forced degradation studies