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International Conference on Advances in Analytical Sciences

March 15-17, 2018
CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun, India

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Taking informed decisions for chemical developments based on laboratory intelligence created at R&D
KK Bhagchandani


Industry Scenario
Making better decisions is what drives the productivity and profitability of an organization. If you work for a company dealing with chemistry then making better decisions revolves around chemical identification, characterization, process-optimization; accelerated development and reducing cost!

In order to enable these activities, organizations have procured several different state-of-the-art equipment; which serve to aid scientists and researchers in their quest for the next breakthrough! However, in the process, the laboratory ecosystem has become highly heterogeneous; and this heterogeneous laboratory environment leads to several types of challenges.

  1. The data accumulated varies in nature, making data portability among the systems a major stumbling block.
  2. A crucial element for sound Research (R&D) is the ability (for laboratories) to extrapolate information from one system based on the experimental data obtained from another, for which there is no interoperability available.
  3. The interpretation of data into useful information is possible only on 1 computer whereas there are several beneficiaries waiting for it; and there are several such instruments.
  4. The knowledge hence generated becomes dependent on selected experts only and their perspective of data, due to lack of capability for multiple people can't collaborate.
  5. Most systems today are storing either the raw data or the final report; the context doesn't get captured and hence there are no easy answers.
  6. The biggest challenge is that when organizations are in front of tough questions; the answers take days (sometimes weeks) to arrive; partly because the knowledge wasn't generated and partly because it was not in presentable form.

Strategy to address these challenges with a new solution
This presentation will outline how new technologies can help organizations address all the above issues successfully. Importantly, it will save weeks of work; for generating enough knowledge and desired answers into a system using Unified Laboratory Intelligence. How to create a framework to improve chemical identification, characterization, and optimization for research efforts. By unifying the chemistry and analytical information in a live and interactive manner it is possible to create a ready to search internal reference which has all the context required to take an important decision.