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November 13-14, 2019
Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridge, UK

THURSDAY, NOV. 14TH, 15:40

Track: The Information Lab

The Place of Analytical Instrumental Chemistry in the Big Picture of Data
Andrew Anderson

Data integrity is important at all stages of the pharmaceutical product lifecycle, from design to drug. Adherence to corporate quality and regulatory policy, as enforced by agencies such as the FDA and EMA, require pharmaceutical companies and drug manufacturers to deliver safe, efficacious, and quality drugs to patients. Supplied supporting data and resultant interpretation results must be acquired in accordance with guidelines that assure adherence to data integrity.

A growing trend in industrial innovation is the desire to use data to obtain secondary or tertiary value for stakeholders (big data analytics). Historically, the value of analytical data has been to support material analysis for characterization, purity assessment, and quality control. Innovators are now recognizing that by storing and managing analytical data more effectively, stakeholders can gain trend insights and build curated training sets for predictive analytics and machine learning.

We will discuss the history, reality, and future of this specific stream of data (multi-technique analytical data in its chemical context) as a critical component of a complete data management portfolio. We will also present an innovative approach to rapid, distributed data processing and analysis.