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Japanese Users' Meeting

November 12, 2019
Fujitsu, Tokyo, Japan


10:00 AM–12:00 PM

ACD/MS Workbook Suite Hands-On Training Session
Yukiko Nakazono, Fujitsu

1:15–1:30 PM

Introductions and Welcome

1:30–2:00 PM

ACD/Labs and the Future of Analytical Informatics
Director of Asian Business , Tom Blackadar, ACD/Labs

2:00–2:30 PM

Case study of real life NMR projects in China including Automated Structure Verification and Structure Elucidation
Application Scientist, Shicheng Ge, ACD/Labs

2:30–2:45 PM

New version (V2019) introductions
Ryo Ichikawa, Fujitsu

2:45–3:00 PM

Coffee Break

3:00–3:30 PM

Database construction using ACD/Spectrus DB and examples of its use
Yayoi Tada, Nippon Kayaku

3:30–4:00 PM

Introducing the Structure Analysis Workflow with ACD/Labs MS Workbook Suite and MS Structure ID Suite
Ichiro Hirano, Shimadzu

4:00–4:15 PM

Pricing information
Masahiro Arita, Fujitsu

4:15–4:30 PM

Questions and Closing Remarks

4:45–6:30 PM

Networking Event