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Practical Considerations for Improving High Throughput Synthesis

April 28, 2020

If you are currently involved in high throughput (HT)/parallel synthesis, looking to improve automation productivity gains, or considering investments in automation; don't miss this webinar!

Traditionally, the drivers for high throughput experimentation are the desire for increased productivity (doing more, faster) and profitability (more cost effective and shorter discovery-to-commercialization timelines). Unfortunately, the lack of integration of the tools to get from experimental design to the final decision mean scientists spend too much time on tedious, error-prone tasks.

Do you spend time transcribing information between software applications, and configuring equipment?

Are you manually tracing analytical results back to experiments?

See how a new software application—Katalyst D2D—gets you from design to decision faster than ever before by empowering you to:

  • Eliminate manual transcription between systems and tedious equipment set-up
  • Automate analytical data processing and association of results to the array design
  • Visualize analytical results, automatically linked with the vessel/well-plate location for efficient, confident decisions

Hear how scientist are enjoying significant results by deploying this application!

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