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Future-proof your IT infrastructure for complete scientific data management

June 10, 2020, 10:00 EDT | 16:00 CET

IT teams in the life sciences have always been at the forefront of employing modern technology. From ELNs, LIMS, SDMSs, and Cloud storage, to Data Lakes and more recently data science technologies for machine learning and AI. While each of these technologies have supported the innovation goals of R&D organizations, analytical data management has remained one of the most challenging data componentsfor the pharmaceutcial industry. Analytical data is simply difficult to manage and utilize effectively, and is particularly difficult from an IT perspective due to its heterogeneity, large file sizes, and a lack of systems that handle analytical data in a chemically intelligent way that meets scientific need.

Join us for a webinar in which we will discuss:

  • Why traditional IT systems are challenged by analytical data management
  • Implications of managing analytical data on the Cloud
  • Industry trends for data standardization and how to achieve it today
  • How to replace multiple software packages with one and make analytical data accessible throughout your enterprise
  • Steps to ensure future viability of analytical data for AI and Data Science

Future-proof your IT infrastructure for complete scientific data management

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Mark Meyers

Mark Meyers (Vice President) has over 24 years of experience in sales and sales management in the Life Science and Chemical industries. Throughout Mark's career he has been responsible for developing and implementing sales programs, business strategies, and initiatives in support of new technologies and applications, transforming the way these businesses perform their research and development efforts. Mark has a Masters in both Computer Engineering and Business Administration from Loyola University in Maryland.

Hans de Bie

Hans de Bie (Senior Director of Solution Delivery) has more than 25 years' experience in the field of information technology—mainly focused on systems used in pharma/biotech. Hans gained his Ph.D. in Synthetic Organic Chemistry. Starting his career with Specs and BioSpecs (now Specs—a supplier of chemicals for screening and testing), Hans moved into the informatics space when he joined MDL information Systems in 1997. In 2003 he moved to Chemcad (France) mainly representing Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs) in the Netherlands, France, and Scandinavia. In 2009 Hans formally joined ACD/Labs and is currently responsible for the implementation and deployment of enterprise solutions and customer-specific workflow applications


Sanji Bhal

Sanji Bhal is the Director of Marketing & Communications at ACD/Labs. Prior to joining ACD/Labs she was a lab-coat wearing medicinal chemist at Signalgene Inc., where she pursued her ongoing interest in cancer research, followed by a stint with the CRO NAEJA Pharmaceuticals. Sanji began her career in the U.K., completing her Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry at the University of Reading, and a post-doctoral fellowship at Cancer Research UK. Today Sanji is passionate about understanding the challenges still faced by scientists and R&D organizations, and helping to 'match-make' their needs with the tools available to support their innovations.