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Best Practices for Mixture Analysis by NMR

June 16, 2020

Mixtures are ubiquitous in all forms of chemistry, from metabolomics to food and beverage quality control. NMR Spectroscopy is a robust technique that allows for the characterization of complex mixtures without resorting to physical separation or derivatization of its components, nor requiring specific calibration for each analyte. Therefore, the practice of mixture analysis by NMR has been growing rapidly in recent years and new software tools have appeared; allowing spectroscopists to efficiently analyze mixtures using both databases and manual processing for quantitative results.

Join this 40-minute webinar to hear about effective strategies for the analysis of complex NMR spectra of mixtures using ACD/Labs NMR tools. In addition you will learn how to:

  • Perform targeted analysis of known mixture components
  • Automate targeted profiling for batch analysis
  • Use the NMR predictors for pattern matching of candidate components
  • Use NMR for untargeted mixture analysis

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