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Spectrus JS: The Next Generation of NMR Software

June 29, 2021

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Webinar: See Spectrus JS in Action

Spectrus JS is the new intuitive browser-based, 1D and 2D NMR data processing and interpretation application from ACD/Labs. Coming this summer, this new product allows easy access to ACD/Labs NMR data processing tools using any operating system and from any location.

Spectrus JS enables students, educators, and researchers to focus on their scientific projects without the requirement for software installation, activation, and maintenance on their devices.

Watch this webinar to learn more about Spectrus JS and see it in action.

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Dimitris Argyropoulos

Dimitris Argyropoulos, PhD (NMR Business Manager) obtained his PhD from the University of Athens, Greece. He joined ACD/Labs in 2015 where he has been working as an Application Scientist and an NMR Business Manager. Prior to joining ACD/Labs he worked at Varian (Agilent), UK as an NMR Applications Laboratory Manager.

Dr. Argyropoulos has extensive experience in structure determination and characterization of small molecules using NMR spectroscopy and MS, as well as NMR investigation of biomolecules and materials.


Sarah Mathers

Sarah Mathers (Marketing & Communications Specialist) joined ACD/Labs after completing her MSc in organic chemistry at the University of Waterloo working on the synthesis of electron deficient monomers to be used in organic electronic devices. She currently works with our NMR product lines.