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Next-Level LC-MS Technology Forum

November 16, 2021
10:00–11:30 AM EST

Ever since the invention of electrospray ionization, LC-MS has risen through the ranks to become one of the most important tools in the analytical armamentarium. The application list grows longer every year, and advances in software, analytical power, and ease of use support the momentum of LC-MS, taking it to the next level.

Here, our panel of five experts will share innovation updates and words of wisdom—from method development to sample prep to specific applications—helping you score enough points to level-up your LC-MS analyses.

Presentation topic: How much time you could save by using software for method development
James Hogbin and Stuart Berry, Application Scientists, ACD/Labs

Method complexity is certainly a factor in the time spent on development, but how you plan your experiments and choose your samples also affects development efficiency.

In our presentation, we'll help you learn where software is most effective in method development and explore how to maximize your use of software to get the biggest time savings. You'll also see ACD/Labs' method development software in action.