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ACD/Labs Announces ADMET & PhysChem Symposium

First public meeting since its merger with Pharma Algorithms—ACD/Labs' ADMET & PhysChem Symposium—to be held in Germany on October 22, 2009.

Toronto, Canada (September 29, 2009)—ACD/Labs, developer of desktop and enterprise software solutions with an expertise in physicochemical property, absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, and toxicity (ADMET) prediction, today announced its first public meeting since its merger with Pharma Algorithms in early 2009.

At the ACD/Labs' ADMET & PhysChem Symposium, being held at the exclusive Schlosshotel, Bühlerhöhe (Baden Baden, Germany) on October 22, 2009, principals of the company will discuss new ideas for implementation in the ADMET and Physicochemical prediction product lines, that will help the scientific community.

A number of notable speakers will also be discussing their research interests at the meeting, sharing their views on in silico prediction, measurement, and application of physicochemical property and ADMET parameter data in pharmaceuticals and the wider chemical industries. The guest speaker list includes Dr. Christopher Lipinski, Dr. Bernard Faller, Prof. Michael Abraham, and Dr Derek Reynolds.

This meeting coincides with ACD/Labs' 10th European Users' Meeting, being held at the same location, and celebrates the 15th anniversary of ACD/Labs.

Learn more about ACD/Labs' ADMET & PhysChem Symposium, and register today to avoid disappointment.

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