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IR Database Made Available to ACD/Labs Users Through New Agreement with Coblentz Society

Toronto, Canada (May 11, 2011)—The Coblentz Society and Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) are pleased to announce that they concluded, at PITTCON, an agreement which allows ACD/Labs to include the Coblentz IR database with its ACD/UV-IR Manager software. The agreement allows ACD/Labs to provide the database at no charge for one year to their new and existing customers. Each year that a user extends their software maintenance agreement, access to the database will also be extended.

Michael Boruta, the Optical Spectroscopy Product Manager at ACD/Labs, says, "This is a great resource for our customers. The Coblentz IR database allows our customers to immediately experience the benefits of having access to over 9500 high quality reference spectra without any additional upfront costs."

Ian R. Lewis, who signed the agreement as the then Coblentz Society President, stated, "The Society is pleased to continue and enhance our relationship with ACD/Labs. Making the Coblentz IR database available in this manner is another step forward in the Coblentz Society's mission to foster the understanding and application of vibrational spectroscopy."

About the The Coblentz Society—The Coblentz Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization as defined by the US IRS. The Society was founded in 1954 to "foster the understanding and application of infrared spectroscopy" and to that end has worked to develop standards, practices, and databases of infrared spectra. During the 1990s the Society formally modified its mission to include all types of vibrational spectroscopy. The Society remains an all-volunteer association of persons interested in these aims and extending the practice and applicability of vibration spectroscopy. Select activities of the Society include organizing and sponsoring technical symposia at scientific meetings, networking events, and administering awards (both for students and graduated professionals) that highlight current developments in the practice of vibrational spectroscopy. More information can be found on the Society, its current officers, and its activities at its website,

About ACD/Labs—Founded in 1994, Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) has since supplied hundreds of industrial companies and academic organizations worldwide with software to speed research. Our solutions include analytical data processing and interpretation for NMR, MS, IR, RAMAN, UV-Visible and hyphenated techniques as well as fast and accurate prediction of molecular ADME/Tox and physical properties, property-based structure design, metabolite identification, chemical nomenclature, and chemical knowledge management. ACD/Labs is committed to ongoing development and improvement of its products, constantly improving the accuracy and usability of existing functionality, while also delivering exciting and innovative new capabilities aimed at solving customers' challenges. To learn more visit

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