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ACD/Labs Announces AutoChrom Compatibility with Waters' ACQUITY UPLC H‑Class

Combined proficiencies promise rapid and robust method development.

Toronto, Canada (June 23, 2011)—Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) today announced compatibility with Waters' ACQUITY UPLC H‑Class. ACD/AutoChrom for Empower 2 can be employed to control the solvent parameters and operation of the UPLC for subsequent data reduction and decision support.

Using the UPLC H‑Class' quaternary solvent manager's four solvent blending capability, bottles of pure solvent and concentrated modifier can be used to prepare solvents of any combination or proportion on the fly. Within methods development—where the reversed phase separation depends on the organic solvent, the identity of the modifier, the pH, and the ionic strength—this will greatly reduce the need of preparing multiple bottles of solvent to perform separation development; instead using the software to program different compositions.

"The H-Class represents a dramatic improvement in Acquity technology," says Dr. Michael McBrien, Chromatography Product Manager at ACD/Labs. "It opens up considerably more possibilities for method development."

Combined with ACD/AutoChrom for Empower 2's intuitive method development algorithms incorporating Quality by Design principles, method developers will be able to create high-quality robust methods in less time than ever before.

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