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ACD/Labs Focuses all Japanese Distribution with Fujitsu

Toronto, Canada (July 1, 2011)—Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) has chosen to focus all distribution activities in Japan with Fujitsu. ACD/Labs and Fujitsu have a long relationship providing scientific software tools and enterprise solutions to the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, academic, and governmental markets.

Henceforth, ACD/Labs' lineup of popular computational tools, including molecular property prediction, QSAR modeling, and ADME and Toxicology prediction, will be marketed in Japan through Fujitsu. These products join the popular collection of tools for management and interpretation of analytical data, chemical knowledge, and nomenclature. Support for all ACD/Labs tools will be provided through Fujitsu after July 1st, 2011.

Information about ACD/Labs physicochemical software offering and ADME/Tox software is available at and or at

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