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Hochschule Aalen Working Group employs ACD/ChromProcessor for Capillary Electrophoresis of Proteins

Toronto, Canada (August 18, 2011)—Hochschule Aalen, a research-centered academic institution in Germany, has acquired ACD/ChromProcessor in order to process, compare, combine, and report data produced from capillary electrophoresis of proteins from different detectors.

ACD/ChromProcessor consolidates proprietary data formats from most major instrument vendors, making it easy for those working in labs with multiple systems to bring data into one interface for easy comparison and reporting, even for complex protein samples. Carsten Lotter, researcher for Prof. Dr. Christian Neusüß, says, "We are doing capillary electrophoresis of proteins and are using different non-destructive detectors, as laser-induced fluorescence, UV/VIS and conductivity in combination with mass spectrometry. Crucial for our decision to use this software was, besides the normal processing functions for chromatograms, the comfortable input function for the formats we employ."

Dr. Michael McBrien, ACD/Labs' Chromatography Product Manager, says, "It's important to us that chromatographers be able to work with a consistent, logical interface regardless of the instrument being used. Without that, consistent decision-making can be a challenge."

For more information about ACD/ChromProcessor, visit the ACD/ChromProcessor Product Page.

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