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ACD/Labs Commercially Releases ACD/Spectrus Processor at ACS Fall 2011, Pricing Announced

All-in-one analytical chemistry data processing, chemical structure confirmation, knowledge sharing, and reporting software to increase efficiency in research organizations.

Toronto, Canada (August 29, 2011)—Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) is pleased to announce the commercial release of ACD/Spectrus Processor, an all-in-one multi-technique analytical data handling and chemical characterization tool for synthetic, medicinal, and process chemists, and the gateway to the ACD/Spectrus analytical and chemical knowledge management platform.

Unique to the scientific software market, ACD/Spectrus Processor will enable chemists to perform quick and confident data interpretation and structure confirmation at their desktop. Handling analytical chemistry data from a broad range of techniques and instruments in one intuitive interface with an array of industry-tested interpretation algorithms in the background, ACD/Spectrus Processor will be an invaluable resource for chemists who contend with analytical chemistry data as a continual consequence of their mandate.

With ACD/Spectrus Processor, analytical chemistry information—already interpreted by spectroscopists or coming directly from an instrument, from an open access analytical laboratory, a corporate database, or any other source—can be accessed by colleagues throughout the organization for further analysis or review. Furthermore, used as part of ACD/Labs' automated raw data interpretation and structure verification setup, Spectrus Processor facilitates company-wide handling of routine samples, mitigating the heavy workload of their analytical laboratory and giving them time to focus on more complex and challenging projects. As part of the corporate informatics infrastructure, ACD/Spectrus Processor can link analytical chemistry information with Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) or other software system.

"ACD/Labs is known in the marketplace as a provider of expert software for spectroscopy, spectrometry and separations sciences, and for analytical and chemical knowledge management," says Guy Desmarquets, VP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships of ACD/Labs. "With Spectrus Processor, we extend our 17+ years of expertise in creation of advanced chemical intelligence algorithms to broader groups of scientists, at the price that warrants broad deployment of this unique desktop application. As our customers are coping with increased workloads in difficult business environments, this product will contribute to corporate knowledge sharing and productivity."

Spectrus Processor is an integral part, and the gateway to, the ACD/Spectrus integrated chemical and analytical knowledge management platform—adding analytical chemistry into the very fiber of a company's cheminformatics environment.

For information on pricing, or to request a demonstration of ACD/Spectrus Processor, visit

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