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FDM to Provide its Full Range of IR and Raman Spectral Libraries for Use with ACD/Labs Spectrus Processor and Optical Workbook Software

Combination of FDM's proprietary data and ACD/Labs' newest Optical spectroscopy interpretation and management software promises powerful database searching and matching

Orlando, FL (March 9, 2012)—Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs, Pittcon Booth 1174) and FDM (Fiveash Data Management, Inc., Pittcon Booth 2846) are pleased to announce that ACD/Labs Spectrus Processor and Optical Workbook software for processing, interpreting, searching, and reporting FTIR and Raman spectra is now available for use with FDM's FTIR and Raman spectral libraries.

FDM provides IR and Raman spectral libraries for educational institutions, government labs, and industry. Their FTIR and Raman libraries cover a wide range of needs for optical spectroscopists.

Spectrus Processor and Optical Workbook are part of ACD/Labs' Spectrus family of software; the spectroscopic processing and data management platform that unifies analytical data information of all types into a single interface. Spectrus Processor provides an easy to use interface for searching, baseline correction, analysis, and interpretation of FTIR and Raman spectra along with structure integration and reporting tools. Spectrus Optical Workbook provides advanced processing and interpretation features including peak fitting and SIMPLISMA along with the ability to create databases.

Michael Boruta, Optical Spectroscopy Product Manager at ACD/Labs, states, "We are pleased that FDM will be making their full range of FTIR and Raman databases available to Spectrus Processor users. There is a growing need for reference databases especially some of the new Raman libraries which FDM is producing."

Will Costa, founder of FDM, states, "We are glad to work with ACD/Labs' new software since it has search, interpretation, annotation and reporting features that are both unique and well done."

About ACD/Labs—Founded in 1994, Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) has since supplied hundreds of industrial companies and academic organizations worldwide with software to speed research. Our solutions include fast and accurate prediction of molecular ADME/Tox and physical properties, property-based structure design, metabolite identification, analytical data processing and interpretation, chemical nomenclature, and chemical knowledge management. ACD/Labs is committed to ongoing development and improvement of its products, constantly improving the accuracy and usability of existing functionality, while also delivering exciting and innovative new capabilities aimed at solving customers' challenges.

About FDM—FDM is an FTIR and Raman spectral library vendor with global distribution and a global customer base. FDM's FTIR bundles are well known for their excellent value based on the quality, quantity and variety of spectra and price. FDM continues to add new spectra and databases to its collections and currently offers over 26,000 IR spectra and has over 6000 Raman spectra today and over 10,000 Raman spectra by the end of 2012.

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