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ACD/Labs Announces ACD/MS Workbook Suite at ASMS 2012

Next generation software tool enables organizations to extract greater insight from analytical data, retain interpretative work and chemical context

Vancouver, BC, Canada (May 20, 2012)—Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. (ACD/Labs) is pleased to announce ACD/MS Workbook Suite at ASMS 2012. Built on the foundation of nearly two decades of developing applications and algorithms for analytical chemists, MS Workbook Suite offers powerful interpretive tools and sophisticated knowledge management capabilities for applications using LC/MS and GC/MS to characterize chemical entities or extract and identify components.

MS Workbook Suite is equipped with advanced tools for characterization including Auto Assign and MS Fragmenter, as well as component extraction and identification tools ACD/IntelliTarget (targeted screening) and ACD/IntelliXtract (non-targeted screening). These interpretive tools have evolved and matured over many years with feedback from within the pharmaceutical, food safety, forensic, environmental, and chemical industries.

Users will build mass spectral libraries that include not only structures, but also capture the human interpretations and other supporting data; integral information that would have otherwise been lost between users and over time, giving chemical context to the information. Libraries are fully searchable by spectrum, structure, or text-based queries that return the complete body of knowledge already obtained for a given entity.

MS Workbook Suite supports all major file formats for LC/MS and GC/MS data analysis, as well as processing of data gathered through other techniques, including NMR, IR, Raman, and other optical spectroscopy techniques.

"ACD/MS Workbook Suite is the kind of product we've been working towards for years," says Dr. Graham A. McGibbon, MS Product Manager at ACD/Labs. "A true expert tool with the ability to build interactive libraries addresses the need for research organizations to retain the full value of accumulated knowledge. Designed to empower and not encumber the MS expert."

ACD/MS Workbook Suite is expected to be commercially available in Fall 2012.

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