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ACD/Labs Expands Collection of Available of Wiley MS Databases

Availability of recently published universal and specialist MS Databases enables rapid searching, retrieval, and comparison within the ACD/Labs interface, serving diverse fields of study

Vancouver, BC, Canada (May 20, 2012)—Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) is pleased to offer a range of recently published Wiley MS databases, available in an ACD/Labs compatible format. As a result, ACD/Labs' MS software can be used as a tool to navigate the databases for searching and comparison when unknown compounds need to be identified, or known compounds confirmed.

ACD/Labs users can immediately acquire access to the following databases:

Used in conjunction with ACD/Labs' software tool for non-targeted GC-MS screening, ACD/IXCR, the databases can be used, without switching applications, to identify deconvoluted components present in messy samples. ACD/IXCR extracts components and reconstructs component spectra which are then compared against the chosen database. Concise reporting indicates when matches are found, along with a measure of the quality of the match.

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