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ACD/Labs Workshop: "Discover New IUPAC Organic Nomenclature Rules with ACD/Name"

San Francisco, CA (August 10, 2014)—ACD/Labs, a leading chemical nomenclature software company, is hosting a workshop on the latest updates to the IUPAC Organic Nomenclature Rules on Monday, August 11th at 12:30 PM.

The workshop will offer a summary of the new changes to the 'Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry IUPAC Recommendations and Preferred Names', published in December 2013. Andrey Yerin, Principle Nomenclature Software Development Specialist for ACD/Labs, will guide you through a summary of the changes accompanied by clear examples of differences in generated names using ACD/Name software.

The webinar is open to everyone but will be particularly useful to chemists that use chemical nomenclature in their daily work including chemical database vendors, industrial chemists dealing with compound registration and patenting, persons responsible for chemicals regulations, chemistry teachers of all levels, and scientists interested in chemical nomenclature.

WHAT: Workshop: "Discover New IUPAC Organic Nomenclature Rules with ACD/Name"
WHO: Andrey Yerin will highlight the changes to organic nomenclature as a result of these new rules, including the concept of "Preferred IUPAC Name" PIN, and how ACD/Labs software is compliant.
WHY: The new IUPAC recommendations, together with the introduction of the PIN concept, introduce several principle changes in naming procedures that will affect systematic names for many classes of organic structures. The importance of understanding nomenclature rules in addition to using software to generate a name will be discussed. ACD/Name version 2015 incorporates many of these new recommendations.
WHEN: Monday, August 11th from 12:30-2:00 PM
WHERE: Moscone Center, Halls B–C, Exhibitor Workshop Room 1

Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. (ACD/Labs) is a cheminformatics company that develops and commercializes solutions in support of R&D. ACD/Labs solutions are used globally in industries that work with small molecules including pharma/biotech, chemicals, consumer goods, agrochemicals, petrochemicals, academic institutions, and government organizations. We provide integration with existing informatics systems and undertake custom projects including enterprise-level automation. 2014 marks our twentieth anniversary of helping organizations accelerate R&D and leverage corporate intelligence. ACD/Labs also provide worldwide sales and support with offices in N. America, Europe, and Asia.

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