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ACD/Labs Announces Solution for Open-Access Workflows at PITTCON

Web-based interface and new Spectrus Portal technology provides vendor neutral, multi-technique results from analytical experiments to laboratory chemists

New Orleans, LA, PITTCON (March 9, 2015)—Answering the growing end-user and IT demand for interface simplicity and seamless deployment, informatics provider ACD/Labs announced a new web-enabled ACD/Spectrus Portal to extend its ACD/Spectrus analytical and chemical laboratory intelligence platform. ACD/Spectrus Portal will be launched through a series of domain-specific market applications. The first application, ACD/Labs' Open Access solution, is targeted towards delivering streamlined results to Open Access or Walk-Up laboratory environments.

The ACD/Labs Open Access solution will combine the web-enabled ACD/Spectrus Portal with its well-established automation technology and workflow components. Sophisticated data processing and analysis algorithms will deliver interpreted NMR and LC/MS results from a variety of different instrument vendors in the industry's first web-based NMR and LC/UV/MS review panel. Chemists rely on this information to determine the identity and purity of their samples and to make quick decisions about the fate of their reactions.

"ACD/Labs has long delivered spectroscopy processing and prediction tools to chemists—in companies such as Hoffmann-LaRoche, Bayer Crop Science, GSK, and AstraZeneca—to inspect reactions and reagents, and create reports," says David Hardy, MS Product Manager, ACD/Labs. "The main driver has been the use of one software application to support different instrument formats, originally in NMR. With increased usage, we met many demands for better interpretation tools, specifically around LC/UV/MS data. We have always focused on leveraging our chemically intelligent algorithms to deliver answers instead of just data. Providing these answers via a browser-based interface, with the ACD/Spectrus Portal, was the logical next place to go."

"A key mandate at ACD/Labs is to help analytical laboratories become more agile in their instrument selection and retention processes," adds Patrick Wheeler, NMR Product Manager, ACD/Labs. "We've helped laboratories achieve this with a vendor-neutral analytical chemistry informatics platform that allows them to work with a variety of analytical instrument data. Open Access environments are commonly running sets of different instruments, commercial, and in-house built software applications. This leads to increased costs for data management, software application support, and training. Our software frees scientific organizations to choose the instrumentation that best works for their needs and brings all the data into one interface that's easy-to-use and deploy."

ACD/Labs will be exhibiting during PITTCON 2015 , (ACD/Labs Company booth #2948 ), in New Orleans, LA, March 9-12, 2015.

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Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. (ACD/Labs) is a cheminformatics company that develops and commercializes solutions in support of R&D. Our software is used in many industries including pharma/biotech, chemicals, consumer goods, agrochemicals, petrochemicals, food and beverage, academia, and government organizations. We provide integration with existing informatics systems and enterprise-level automation; with sales and support offices worldwide.

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