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Gaining a Competitive Edge in the Asian Pharmaceutical and Chemical Markets

ACD/Labs celebrates helping over 300 customers in Asia and the Pacific Rim achieve faster, better research & development results.

Bangalore, India (June 11, 2009)—How can companies in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries sustain a competitive advantage in the difficult Asian market? A good first step is recognizing the need for change to newer, more efficient technologies that speed up R&D, save time, and ultimately save money.

ACD/Labs develops such enabling technologies that work in concert with existing research protocols and that, rather than replacing scientists, enhance their abilities to produce more focused results in less time. Faster, more effective R&D means novel products are brought to the marketplace sooner, and with less expense. In difficult economic times, maintaining or gaining a competitive advantage such as this has never been more important.

ACD/Labs has been gaining momentum in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and petrochemical industries for the past 6 years, since the opening of their Asian office in Bangalore, India. Dealing directly with customers allows the company to provide superior service and support for the wide range of ACD/Labs products for chemical and pharmaceutical research.

"We've been around for 15 years and our technology, and the capabilities that we offer, are becoming very mature," said KK Bhagchandani, ACD/Labs Director of Asia & Pacific Operations. "Many companies now recognize the need to update technology and to change the way they pursue research. Over 300 of our customers (outside of Japan) have already made the leap. Now is the time to make sure that you are not falling behind your competitors who may already have updated their operations."

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About Advanced Chemistry Development
Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) develops desktop and enterprise software solutions for chemical, biochemical, and pharmaceutical R&D. Our expertise lies in vendor-neutral spectroscopic data processing and prediction, physicochemical and ADMET property prediction, analytical knowledge management, interactive reporting, and integrating analytical data with chemical structures to help protect and leverage valuable research knowledge.

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