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Virtual Symposium

Driving Efficiency with Spectrus®

Structure Characterization, Method Development & Analytical Data Management

October 24-25, 2023


Analytical data is generated and used to identify compounds or materials and understand or evaluate the performance of experiments, materials, and processes. Software on the Spectrus Platform is designed to support these workflows.

Efficiency in R&D helps us to be more productive, to optimize, and to innovate. But it must not come at the cost of accuracy, reliability, and good science.

Join us as we bring together scientists from the industry’s leading organizations to share strategies and software they have implemented, to:

  • Accelerate structure elucidation and verification by NMR and LC/MS
  • Make method development efficient, robust, and sustainable
  • Manage high throughput chemical and analytical data to speed research

Event Agenda

Revolutionizing Chemistry by Digitalizing Analysis Controls

Coralie Leonard, ChemisTwin Project Lead, MilliporeSigma

Efficient, Sustainable Method Development

Matthew Osborne, Associate Principal Scientist - Separation Science, AstraZeneca

Enabling End-User HTE at GSK

Kayleigh Mercer, Investigator (Externalisation and Technical Excellence team, Medicinal Chemistry), GSK

Data Management and Prediction to Support High Throughput Purification

Jun Wang, Scientist (Medicinal Chemist), Merck

In Silico Modeling for QbD Method Development and Optimization

Azzedine Dabo, Investigator (Method Development and In Silico Modeling), GSK

Revision of Natural Product Structures with CASE and DFT

Alexei Buevich, Principal Scientist, Merck

Building a Database Now and for the Future

Sarah Robinson, Senior Principal Scientist, Genentech

High-throughput NMR Workflow and Automated Structure Verification at Amgen

Tatiana Didenko, Principal Scientist, Amgen

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Hosted By

Sanji Bhal

Director, Marketing Communications, ACD/Labs

Baljit Bains

Marketing Communications Specialist, ACD/Labs