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Janssen Small Molecule Drug Discovery

Oral Presentation

Automation of Analytical Data Processing and Management in HTE

Sep 28, 2022

11:15 am

Part 1: Automation & Robotics In Organic Chemistry

Nikki Dare, Solution Area Manager - Katalyst D2D, ACD/Labs

  • Automation and high throughput synthesis (more generally referred to as High Throughput Experimentation—HTE) with the help of robotics has allowed scientist to significantly increase experiment output and subsequently the amount of analytical data collected, in shorter periods of time.
  • Current solutions for analytical data processing in HTE mean tedious and error prone transfer of data between multiple software systems and manual association of analytical results with experiments.
  • We will present purpose-built HTE software that not only integrates with existing hardware and software to bring all design planning, and execution into a single interface; it also automates targeted analytical data processing and association of analytical data to experimental design.
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