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PharmaNEST 3.E International Conference

Oral Presentation

Software solutions to enhance the work efficiency of Basic and Advanced Research activities

Oct 15, 2022

3:00 - 3:30 PM

Venkatesan Chithravel, Marketing consultant, ACD/Labs

ACD/Labs (based out @ Toronto, Canada) develops and commercializes software solutions for scientists working with small molecules in chemical, biochemical, and pharmaceutical R&D.

For Impurity / structure characterisations – ACD/labs Offer different levels of NMR & MS based software solutions to deal with challenging Impurity / structure characterisation issues which would eventually help the R&D teams to enhance the work efficiency. The need for characterising process and other related impurities is becoming more and more important due to increase in regulatory demand in every industry. The assistance from the software tools to arrive a solution with more confidence in a lesser time span is very much appreciated.

Naming of Compounds – Accurate Naming of compounds for publication purpose or for any scientific needs based on IUPAC or CAS-type index rules – is also a very important need for every R&D team and the simple software Naming tool from ACD/labs is considered to be the Industry reference Standard across the globe.

In-silico Screening – Quickly evaluate a set of compounds for the desired characteristics and molecular properties, and focus synthesis efforts on safer, less toxic compounds with PhysChem, ADME, and Toxicity-based screening solutions.

Data Processing solutions – Handle all major analytical chemistry data in one software interface: NMR, LC/MS, GC/MS, IR, Raman, and more. Enable you to have – One-click, comprehensive reports and publication-ready data. The simple / very affordable solution from ACD/Labs helps to work with a single software interface as well as  helps to work remotely

Qbd based HPLC method Dev Tool – The need to follow qbd principles in Analytical HPLC method Dev is becoming a very important regulatory need and the solution from ACD/labs is considered to be a rational / scientific solution to reach the target in a very efficient way.


Electronic Databasing Solutions –  Helps to maintain / digitise all kinds of data according to the needs of the firms in a very efficient way – helps to digitise all kinds of Real Raw Data in one interface – which in turn helps eventually to retain knowledge asset for every organisation. Helps to Customise – deploy the digitising solution in every level – from a simple desktop to site level or enterprise level – based on the needs.

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