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Virtual LC & MS Symposium

May 18, 2021

Watch the recordings from our Virtual LC & MS Symposium featuring speakers from the pharmaceutical, medical-device, and lab-software industries discussing how they map their separation spaces, automate their data processing, build databases, and more.

Event Agenda

Automated Workflow for Building a Compound Structure Database Using ACD/Spectrus Platform

Almary Chacon, Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer

Implementation of an ACD/Labs Solution to Automate LC/UV/MS Data Processing for Chemistry Follow-up

CĂ©line Nguyen Van Dau, Mass Spectrometry Expert, Sanofi

Mapping the Separation of Complex Modalities Enabled by Computer Assisted Chromatography Modeling

Imad Haidar Ahmad, Associate Principal Scientist / Scientific Supervisor, Merck

Software-assisted Deformulation Strategies

Richard Lee, Director, Core Technology, ACD/Labs

High-Throughput Purification Workflow with ACD/Spectrus Platform

Kanaka Hettiarachchi, Principal Scientist, Merck

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