Organoboron Compounds

Rule D-7.1 Boron Hydrides

7.11 - The molecular hydrides of boron are called boranes. They are named by citing the number of boron atoms in the molecule as a numerical prefix to the term borane (except for the prefix mono- which is omitted, BH3 being named borane). These numerical prefixes are the same as those used in hydrocarbon nomenclature (Rule A-1.1,). The number of hydrogen atoms in the molecule is designated by an Arabic numeral enclosed in parentheses immediately following the name derived as above. The numerical designation of the number of hydrogen atoms may be omitted for BH3 and other cases where no ambiguity arises.

Examples to Rule D-7.11

Diborane(6) B2H6
Pentaborane(9) B5H9
Pentaborane(11) B5H11
Decaborane(14) B10H14
The numbering of these polyboranes is given in the following structural diagrams.

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