Aldehydes, Ketones, and their Derivatives

Carbocyclic and Heterocyclic Ketones Rule C-315

315.1 (Alternative to Rules C-314.1 and C-316.1) - Polycarbocyclic and heterocyclic ketones may be named by use of a suffix "-one" to denote replacement of either >CH2 or >CH- in an unsaturated or aromatic system by >CO; when the ring system is aromatic the maximum number of noncumulative double bonds is added after introduction of the >CO group(s) and any hydrogen that remains to be added is denoted as indicated hydrogen. As an exception to Rule C-15.11 (a), the carbonyl group has then priority over indicated hydrogen for lower number.

Examples to Rule C-315.1

315.2 - The following modifications (but not others) of names of carbocyclic ketones formed according to Rule C-315.1 may be used: anthrone [instead of 9(10H)-anthracenone], phenanthrone (instead of 9(10H)-phenanthrenone) .

315.3 - The following contracted names for oxo-derivatives of heterocyclic nitrogen compounds are retained as alternatives for the systematic names, but further hydrogenated derivatives must not be named as hydro derivatives of these shorter forms:

(Note: Indicated hydrogen is sometimes used with the above names.)

In addition, names of oxo-derivatives of fully saturated nitrogen heterocycles, which systematically end in "-idinone", are often contracted to end in "idone", and such abbreviated names may also be used when no ambiguity thereby results.

Examples to Rule C-315.3

See Recommendations'93 R-5.6.2

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