Carboxylic Acids and their Derivatives

C-4.0. Simple Carboxylic Acids

General principles [see Rules ) and )] require that when carboxyl is the principal group, the numbering of an aliphatic acid is always arranged to give the lowest numbers to this group irrespective of the numbering of the parent compound. The same applies to derivatives of carboxylic acids.

Example to C-4.0

See Recommendations'93 R-5.7.1

Simple Carboxylic Acids Rule C-401, Rule C-402, Rule C-403, Rule C-404, Rule C-405
Hydroxy, Alkoxy and Oxo Acids Rule C-411, Rule C-415, Rule C-416
Amino Acids Rule C-421
Amic acids Rule C-431
Peroxy Acids Rule C-441
Imidic, Hydrazonic, and Hydroxamic Acids Rule C-451
Salts and Esters Rule C-461, Rule C-462, Rule C-463, Rule C-464
Lactones, Lactides, Lactams, and Lactims Rule C-471, Rule C-472, Rule C-473, Rule C-474, Rule C-475
Acyl Halides Rule C-481
Acid Anhydrides Rule C-491

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