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TABLE VIII Some Amino Acids and Their Radicals

Parent acid Radical name Formula of the radical
Alanine Alanyl
b-AIanine b-Alanyl
Arginine Arginyl
Cystathionine Cystathionyl
Cystine Cystyl
Glycine Glycyl
Histidine Histidyl
Homoserine Homoseryl
Isoleucine Isoleucyl
Lanthionine Lanthionyl
Leucine Leucyl
Lysine Lysyl
Methionine Methionyl
Norleucine Norleucyl
Norvaline Norvalyl
Ornithine Ornithyl
Proline Prolyl
Sarcosine Sarcosyl
Serine Seryl
Threonine Threonyl
Thyronine Thyronyl
Tyrosine Tyrosyl
Valine Valyl

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