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Hydroxylamines and Related Compounds

Rule C-842 Oximes and Their Derivatives

842.1 - Compounds RHC=N-OH or , termed generic ally "oximes", are named (a) by placing the word "oxime" after the name of the aldehyde RCHO or the ketone , respectively, or (b), if the compound contains also a group having priority over a carbonyl group for citation as principal group, by use of the prefix "hydroxyimino-" attached to the name of the corresponding compound RCH3 or .

Examples to Rule C-842.1

842.2 - Compounds containing the group =N-OR are named (a) by a prefix of the type "alkyloxyimino-", "aryloxyimino-", etc., or (b) as oxime O-ethers, or (c) as O-substituted oximes.

Examples to Rule C-842.2

842.3 - Compounds containing the grouping >C=N(O)R are named by adding the word "N-oxide" after the name of the alkylideneamino (etc.) compound. The class name "nitrone" is retained (see also Rule C-843.1).

Example to Rule C-842.3

See Recommendations'93 R-5.4.4

Hydroxylamines and Related Compounds C-843
Nitroso and Nitro Compounds C-851, C-852
Amine Radical Ions C-861

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