Azo and Azoxy Compounds

Rule C-913. Azoxy compounds

913.1 - Azoxy compounds, R-N2O-R and , where the position of the azoxy-oxygen atom is unknown or immaterial, are named in accordance with the principles of Rule C-911 or C-912 , with "azo" replaced by "azoxy".

Examples to Rule C-913.1

(compare Rule C-911.2)
or 2-Phenylazoxy-1-naphthoic acid
(compare Rule C-912.4)

913.2 - When it is desired to express the position of the azoxy-oxygen atom in an unsymmetrical compound, a prefix NNO- or ONN- is used. (a) When both of the groups attached to the azoxy radical are cited in the name of the compound, the prefix NNO- specifies that the second of these two groups is attached directly to NO; and the prefix ONN- specifies that the first of these two groups is attached directly to NO. (b) When only one parent compound is cited in the name, the prefixes ONN- and NNO- specify that the group carrying respectively primed and unprimed substituents is attached directly to NO. (c) To distinguish it from the NNO- or ONN- compound a substance in which the position of the azoxy-oxygen atom is unknown may be designated by a prefix NON-.

Examples to Rule C-913.2

(compare Rule C-911.2)
or 2-(Phenyl-ONN-azoxy)-1-naphthoic acid
(compare Rule C-912.4)

(compare Rule C-911.2)
or 2-(Phenyl-NNO-azoxy)-1-naphthoic acid
(compare Rule C-912.4)

See Recommendations'93 R-5.3.3

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