Compounds Containing a or Group

Rule C-952. Amide oximes

952.1 - Names of compounds RC(NH2)=NOH are derived from the names of the corresponding acids by changing the ending "-ic acid" or "-oic acid" to "-amide oxime", or "-carboxylic acid" to "-carboxamide oxime". O- and N-Substituents are identified by O and N locants, respectively.

Examples to Rule C-952.1

N-Methylacetamide oxime

Imidazole-2-carboxamide O-ethyloxime

See Recommendations'93 Table 31(a)

Compounds Containing a N=C-N or N=C=N Group C-953, C-954, C-955, C-956
Compounds Containing a N-C(-N)=N Group C-961, C-962
Compounds Containing a N-CO-N or Related Group C-971, C-972, C-973, C-974, C-975
Compounds Containing a N-CO-N-N or More Complex Group C-981, C-982, C-983, C-984, C-985


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