Compounds Containing a or Group

Rule C-955. Formazans

955.1 - The compound is named "formazan" and its derivatives are named as substitution products with numerical locants as indicated. If the positions of the double bonds are unknown, primes are used in accordance with the system

Examples to Rule C-955.1



(If there is uncertainty whether the first or the second of the above structures applies, the name is N,3-diphenylformazan.)

(preferred to Formazyl)

See Recommendations'93 Table 31(a)

Compounds Containing a N=C-N or N=C=N Group C-956
Compounds Containing a N-C(-N)=N Group C-961, C-962
Compounds Containing a N-CO-N or Related Group C-971, C-972, C-973, C-974, C-975
Compounds Containing a N-CO-N-N or More Complex Group C-981, C-982, C-983, C-984, C-985

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