Compounds Containing Selenium or Tellurium

Linked to an Organic Radical Rule C-701

701.1 - Organic compounds of selenium are named as far as possible analogously to the corresponding sulfur compounds. The prefixes and suffixes used, with examples of their application, are shown in Table XIII. Structures not listed in the Table are named by placing the syllables ''seleno-'' before the name of the corresponding oxygen compound.

Examples of Use of Prefixes and Suffixes

(1) Ethaneselenol
(2) 3-(Hydroseleno)pro-
pionic acid
(3) Diethyl selenide
(4) (Ethylseleno)acetic
(5) Selenacyclopentane
or Tetrahydroselenole
(6) 1,4-Episeleno-1,4-
(7) Hexaneselenal(8) 1-Pentanecarboselen-
(9) p-Selenoformylbenzoic
(10) 3-Selenoxohexane
or 3-Hexaneselone
(11) Selenobenzoic acid
(12) Cyclohexanecarbo-
selenothioic acid
(13) Ethyl phenyl selen-
oxide(14) (Ethylseleninyl)ben-

Example to Rule C-701.1

701.2 - Insofar as their structures are known and conform to those of the selenium derivatives, organic compounds of tellurium are named in the same way as those of selenium, with ''tellur-'' in place of ''selen-''.

Example to Rule C-701.2

Note: The nomenclature of tellurium compounds will be dealt with in greater detail in Section D of these Rules.

See Recommendations'93 R-, R-, R-5.6.4, R-3.4, R-5.7.2

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