C-0.6. Replacement Nomenclature

The system of naming heterocyclic compounds whereby carbon atoms of their hydrocarbon analogues are replaced by hetero atoms has been described in Section B under the title of "a" nomenclature. The following Rules embody an extension of that method to be used for naming chains; namely: the chain is considered to be that of an acyclic hydrocarbon in which some CH2 groups are replaced by hetero atoms. This system, as applied to cyclic and acyclic compounds, is now termed "replacement nomenclature".

Replacement nomenclature can be applied to acyclic structures whether or not cyclic components are attached to them. It is intended for use only when other nomenclature systems are difficult to apply in the naming of chains containing hetero atoms; it is not expected to be of value when the degree of complexity is notably less than in the examples given below, particularly since it sometimes leads to names which are of unfamiliar type.

See Recommendations'93 R-1.2.2

Replacement Nomenclature
Rule C-61
Rule C-62
Rule C-63
Rule C-64
Rule C-65

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