Heterocyclic Ring Assemblies

Rule B-13

13.1 - Assemblies of two or more identical heterocyclic systems are named by placing the prefix "bi-", "ter-", "quater-", etc., before the name of the heterocyclic system or radical. The numbering of the assembly is that of the corresponding heterocyclic systems, one component being assigned unprimed and the others primed, doubly primed, etc., numbers. The points of attachment are indicated by appropriate locants before the name. Other structural features are described as recorded for hydrocarbon ring assemblies in Rules A-52.1 (double bond between two components), A-52.3 (substituents), A-53.3 (hydrogenation), A-54.1 (numerical prefixes), and A-55.1 and A-56.1 (radicals), insofar as fixed numbering of the heterocyclic system allows.

Examples to Rule B-13.1


or 2,3'-Bifuryl


or 2,2'-Bipyridyl-6-yl

or 6-(2-Pyridyl)-2-pyridyl


See Recommendations'93 R-2.4.4

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