Table 3 Hantzsch-Widman system prefixes

In decreasing order of priority.

Element Bonding number
Fluorine 1 (I) Fluora
Chlorine 1 (I) Chlora
Bromine 1 (I) Broma
Iodine 1 (I) Ioda
Oxygen 2 (II) Oxa
Sulfur 2 (II) Thia
Selenium 2 (II) Selena
Tellurium 2 (II) Tellura
Nitrogen 3 (III) Aza
Phosphorus 3 (III) Phospha
Arsenic 3 (III) Arsa
Antimony 3 (III) Stiba
Bismuth 3 (III) Bisma
Silicon 4 (IV) Sila
Germanium 4 (IV) Germa
Tin 4 (IV) Stanna
Lead 4 (IV) Plumba
Boron 3 (III) Bora
Mercury 2 (II) Mercura

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