Table 23(a) Heterocyclic parent hydrides. Priority of precedence,.

(see Table 23)

Phenomercurine Isoxazole
Isoarsindole Pyridine
Arsindole Pyrazine
Isoarsinoline Pyrimidine
Arsinoline Pyridazine
Arsanthridine Pyrrolizine
Acridarsine Indolizine
Arsanthrene Isoindole
Isophosphindole Indole
Phosphindole Indazole
Isophosphinoline Purine
Phosphinoline Quinolizine
Phosphanthrene Isoquinoline
Tellurophene Quinoline
Selenophene Phthalazine
Selenanthrene Naphthyridine
Thiophene Quinoxaline
Thianthrene Quinazoline
Phenothiarsine Cinnoline
Furan Pteridine
Pyran Carbazole
Isobenzofuran -Carboline
Isochromene Phenanthridine
Chromene Acridine
Xanthene Perimidine
Phenoxantimonine Phenanthroline
Phenoxarsine Phenazine
Phenoxaphosphine Phenomercazine
Phenoxatellurine Phenarsazine
Phenoxaselenine Phenophosphazine
Phenoxathiine Phenotellurazine
Pyrrole Phenoselenazine
Imidazole Phenothiazine
Pyrazole Phenoxazine

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