We're excited to release major updates to our entire software portfolio this month!
Review the key changes to our products (Chrom, MS, NMR, and more).
See What's New in v2018.1
What's New
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Plus, watch our v2018.1 software in action! Check out a demonstration of major MS deformulation workflow changes.
Watch the Webinar
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Register for our webinar on Oct 31 at 10:00 EST to see how our tools enable the most efficient analysis methods for 13C NMR spectra of fluorinated organic compounds.
Register for the Webinar
Come See Us LIVE at PharmSci 360!
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Headed to Washington D.C. for PharmSci 360 this November 4-7? Visit us at Booth # 1037, and check out our Poster Tues Nov 6 on Luminata (1:30-2:30 PM) 

An Impurity Control Strategy Using Impurity Mapping with Dynamic Purge Factor Determinations for Drug Substance Development

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Our Continued ChemSpider Partnership
Shared chemical intelligence can lead to your next breakthrough! For example, read about our relationship with ChemSpider.

Inspire a Breakthrough
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Reflecting on 20 Years of CASE
2017 is the 20th anniversary of Computer-Assisted Structure Elucidation. Learn all about its recent past and exciting future!

Celebrate 20 Years of CASE
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Responsible for impurity detection/identification in pharmaceutical development?
Watch our two-part webinar series to learn how 1) process chemists can effectively manage synthetic route information, and 2) analytical chemists can handle experimental data. 
Watch Part 1 - The Process Chemist's Workflow
Watch Part 2 - The Analytical Chemist's Workflow