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We're proud to celebrate ACD/Labs' 25th Anniversary in 2019, renewing our priorities to:
  1. Focus on New Product Introductions
  2. Emphasize Technological Innovations
  3. Remember Our Roots
Our theme for 2019 is Connect - Align - Learn, in which we intend to Connect more with our customers, Align them with our relevant products, and Learn from their experiences.

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Learn What You Can Expect from ACD/Labs in 2019
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Chromatography Today detailed our updated deformulation workflow in ACD/MS Structure ID Suite that identifies multiple LC/MS & GC/MS components simultaneously, by presenting extensive, unbiased, and relevant structure lists via MS spectral searching.
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Read our latest AppNote to discover a NMR dereplication strategy that will save you significant time in unknown identification, through combining ACD/NMR Predictors' accurate 13C spectral predictions with open chemical structure libraries.
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Learn how our chromatography tools help to:
1.Determine better separation starting points
2.Design optimal methods
3.Detail method development approaches 
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Attention process chemists! Our recent AppNote details Luminata's ability to automatically calculate quantitative purge factors for impurities from analytical data. 
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Ever wonder why ACD/Labs' technical support is so highly rated by users?
Read our recent blog to find out how our support staff ensure excellent service.
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Upcoming Events
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ACD/Labs California
Software Symposium

February 26
San Francisco, CA
ACD/Labs User Meeting

March 3-7
Hilton Head Island, SC