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We're excited to launch our newest enterprise solution - Katalyst D2D - to accelerate the journey from Design to Decision in high throughput experimentation. Katalyst D2D provides:
  1. Automated planning, execution, and analysis in a single interface
  2. Comprehensive process development and execution, enabled by live analytical data
  3. A web-based platform that integrates with lab automation-informatics systems
Katalyst D2D ensures that high throughput experimentation is easier than ever before.
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Read how informatics tools, such as ACD/Labs' Luminata, contribute to the ongoing evolution of pharmaceutical stress testing, facilitating the transformation of degradant data to information to knowledge.
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View our recent webinar recording on Computer-Assisted Structure Elucidation to learn the basics on this technique, including its accuracy, time-saving capabilities, and ease-of-use.
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Discover ACD/Labs' tools for more robust, less time-consuming separations that help you: 1) Set Up experiments, 2) Screen conditions, 3) Simulate separations, and
4) Study & Store all relevant data.
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Watch our recent webinar to learn how ACD/Labs' Spectrus Processor can simplify NMR and LC/MS analysis, reducing turnaround time and improving accuracy. Plus, the webinar recording is available in either English, German, or French! 
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To mark our silver anniversary, we're offering a 1-Year Academic Subscription to Spectrus Processor for just $25!

Learn if you're eligible for this exceptional discount below.
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June 2 - 6
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