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Becoming comfortable when using a computer to assist in structure elucidation takes practice and dedication.

Join us for this webinar to hear about the typical workflow of computer-assisted structure elucidation. The presentation will focus on the 3 most common challenges of the technique (non-standard correlations, spectral ambiguity/deficiency, and symmetry), and the best approaches to overcome them. It will also discuss tips to increase the reliability of the structure rankings to obtain higher accuracy.
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Consistent Detection of Multiplets in 13C Spectra Using Structure Aware Algorithms
Detection of peaks and multiplets, becomes quite challenging when heteroatoms such as 19F and 31P are incorporated into the structures. Therefore, automated interpretation of NMR spectra is a highly demanded technique in the current chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Download and read our poster from ENC 2020 discussing robust and reliable methods for the detection of multiplets in 13C spectra of compounds containing 19F and 31P. 
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The pandemic has forced changes to the working environment for many. While some organizations are shut down, others are adapting to shift-work and trying out working from home. Were interested to learn how this has impacted you. Take a short survey to share your experience and opinions. Well share the results at a later date.
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Its really nice how with internet and NMR Workbook Suite, I can do all my data analysis off-line from the instrument, said Norman Aubry in an interview with Sanji Bhal about his experience with NMR software. Discover the insights of a chemist turned NMR spectroscopist via our blog.
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As the number of chemical compounds and the size of databases continues to grow, so does the urge to efficiently take advantage of these vast amounts of information. However, this data overload can become overwhelming!
If you find data management challenging and are looking for efficient ways to identify compounds and avoid repeated work, tune in and watch the recording of this highly-demanded webinar.
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Learn how to get more from your ACD/Labs software by joining our Power Lessons. These weekly webinars focus on different software applications covering best practices, tips and tricks, and most importantly we answer your questions.
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