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Don't forget to join our staff and users at ACD/Labs NMR Software Symposium on Wednesday, March 31st, from 1:00-2:30 PM EDT.

In this event, our NMR users from PPG and Amgen will share how they apply our software to accelerate R&D in their companies. The event will be concluded by the announcement of our new product.
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What's in my NMR Tube-Part II
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Part two of our “What’s in my NMR tube?” webinar series is on Wednesday, February 24th at 10 AM EST.

We will continue our comprehensive overview of structure characterization of unknown compounds using NMR data and software tools, with a focus on unknown structure elucidation using CASE.
We are excited to announce a new product! 

With a modern software architecture that is easy to deploy, this new application will make our state-of-the-art processing algorithms and solutions more accessible to NMR users.

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MRC Publication
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Modern CASE programs are capable of elucidating complex structures of natural products and other compounds by using the MF and NMR spectra as initial input.

Read the recent publication by our very own Mikhail Elyashberg and Dimitris Argyropoulos on current and future capabilities of CASE to learn more.