June 2021
See the First Ever Browser-Based NMR Processing Software in Action!
Watch ACD/Labsí NMR Business Manager, Dr. Dimitris Argyropolous, in a recent webinar as he demonstrates the first ever browser-based NMR processing software, Spectrus JS!

With the impending release this summer, learn all about Spectrus JS and see why this convenient and intuitive application is right for you.
Spectrus JS Webinar
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Spectrus JS 50% Introductory Promotion for Academia
Spectrus JS 50% Introductory Promotion for Academia
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Whether you are a facility manager, researcher, educator, or student, Spectrus JS can make your NMR data processing easier. Pre-order Spectrus JS for your academic institution today and receive a 50% discount!

Donít delay, this discount expires August 31st, 2021.
Featured Article in Magnetic Resonance Chemistry
In a new featured article in Magnetic Resonance Chemistry, ACD/Labsí Mikhail Elyashberg and Dimitris Argyropoulos present the current state of computer-assisted structure elucidation (CASE) and the bright future it has ahead!
MRC Featured Article Cover
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Structure Elucidator Suite 23% Anniversary Promotion
Structure Elucidator Suite 23% Anniversary Promotion
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We are celebrating the 23rd year of our Structure Elucidator software with a matching 23% discount on Structure Elucidator Suite until August 23, 2021!

Structure Elucidator Suite helps you make the most of your structural data by using advanced algorithms to perform rapid dereplication, advanced verification, fast characterization, and de novo elucidation of complex unknown structures.